stage 13 Rental Studio

Located in Portland’s Pearl district, versatile, creative and comfortable shooting space - perfect for music videos, web, model, product photography.  Main shooting area 46ft X 36ft w/ 20ft ceiling and a 14’x26’x13’ high corner green cyc that can be any color. Full lighting grid 13ft height adjustable 8 to 18 feet with overhead & floor electric distro. The stage is equipped with in-house grip package, lighting (a l carte), 360 amp service and controllable air flow.  Total working space 3,000 sqft. Adjoining meeting rooms and green room.  Floating cat-walk. Kitchenette 5 bathrooms. Seperate Table Top stage plus many extras: Tool Shop, Motion Control, Prop & Model Rigging, Dedicated Photo Sweep, Post Solutions, Edit/Composite, Ready for Web. Portland's best restaurants, coffee shops, accommodations, bars & nightlife a block away.

Make Stage 13 your solution for shooting: Motion or Still, VFX and Animation. Also available for Events.

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